The Greek crisis: not far beauty still travel costs dropped significantly

The Greek debt crisis has become synonymous, International Greek often strike even rumours, passengers in the local won't get accommodation, catering and other services. However, recently to the Greek on-the-spot investigation the author believes, it is in fact a walk to Greece 's good time, either distraction, appreciation about antiques, or make a investment inspection business travel. Now Greece, more than ever more beautiful, calm, mingled with a touch of sadness, like the gardenia.

Though, every land is the one and only, cannot replace each other. But the author thinks, beauty and Greece to compete is the Maldives and Italy. But Maldives was the perfect " beauty", it feels even less true, very suitable for newlyweds about living in the future fantasy, lack of sense of history. There are travel back from Maldives friends said: " from now on other sea without feeling, but never afraid of fish. " The original Maldives ocean various fish chase passengers, will put some timid passengers a bit scared. And the beauty of Italy, is a heritage from the Greek, of great momentum. Greek beauty and culture is highly concentrated, such as to gracefully through a real holiday, or go to greece. In the center of Athens, spend as long as five euro taxi fare, can arrive at any one of the famous tourist attractions. If you spend 1.7 euros daily bus fare, can ride the subway or public car traveled to Athens corner.

When in Athens after the passengers around enough, there is a lot to choose. From the mainland to any one position from the distance will not exceed 80 km. In the Aegean islands in the south of many places, mild climate and convenient guest any time of year can be used for hiking, sailing and in the volcano's spring game, the legendary beauty of seabed mud, this time you can be obtained readily catch. There are many Greek island, just walk, can complete the adventure.

When the city of Athens and Thessaloniki mountains nearby snowing, such as ski and snowboard and other winter sports will pop up.

According to the survey, the Greek tourism price has been reduced to 2/3 of the cost of. Ticket only 6000 yuan can move back and forth, local either downtown or peripheral clean Island, its two star hotel night accommodation fee is one hundred yuan, in the center of the four Stars Hotel cost is 600 yuan, the price is all previous 1/3. The Internet has some special offers international hotel ordering website, price and quality is guaranteed, the author recommends is

In the local shop, a pair of comfortable shoes need only 20 euros, equivalent to one hundred yuan. But in domestic eye shoes were always going to 500 yuan. Constantina, aged about 40, in Greece and one of the most renowned tourist island of SANTORINI is one of the most popular town FIRA opened a small restaurant in STANI. In the small hall, more than 30 euro can let two people eat the delicious octopus, cuttlefish, swordfish and shrimp. Comparison of the Sanya in Hainan, a similar tourist attractions, is estimated to take at least 5 times the price of the meal can be quite level.

Greek prices dropped the reason is, affected by the economic crisis, source reduction and serious unemployment, local residents consumption decline, recession, Greek internal competition is more intense. For example, many Greek pensions have been cut in half, the mother of Constantina pension only 250 euros a month. Hotel staff monthly income is only 800 euros. In Plaza de la Constitucin, you can often see dozens of taxi, in the waiting area, waiting for the guests. When a reporter at the stop, a taxi driver driving forward showmanship.

History and culture

There are museums

Independent style and gold. To the Greek travel cost although dropped sharply, and even domestic a beach trip, but it is not cut into the Greek travel charm and value. The Greek world famous contemporary musician YANNI hometown. Personal dazzling music talent source in a nation for generations and genetic. In Greek street, everywhere people singing and dancing performance, sometimes the morning shoves open the window, a melodious sweet with a hint of sad songs came to your ears. The diffuse air is romantic. At night, you can temporarily forget the grief, a new dress, joined local fiery night life.

Greek beauty is quite origins. Greece is the birthplace of Mousika nine goddess, as the whole of Europe and the cradle of Western civilization, built in 580 BC the Greek Parthenon Acropolis Greece archaeological culture high is the jewel in the crown.

The western poetry, drama, music, dance, art and architecture were originated in ancient greece. In Greece, you can witness in 700 BC, Athens and Sparta Corinth bay city rise, and Athens in architecture, sculpture, drama and literature has obvious advantage.

The Greek nation is a museum, National Archaeological Museum, the new Acropolis Museum and many other across the whole country. Records of the Western civilization vicissitude, including Crete Knossos, ancient Olympia, Delphi and northern Greece 's Vergina, ancient ruins with convenient transportation access, convenient day travel or weekend excursion travel.

Food and wine

Millennium City in modern wine

To the Greek means, you can and history of intimate contact, you can feel the historical monuments for modern use, human civilization is a continuation of. The Acropolis of Athens and the modern Greek government office region Zhichizhiyao, day or night, visitors will be able to sit in the foot with local wine and the other, 2600 years ago the ancient wisdom and civilization have never like this is so close to you, you may have to any coarse, vulgar abuse made for more not acceptable. Further, you may want to: " I can give the future leave something? "

Greek food than the legendary miles away the French food can come true. In the local general simple small restaurant, traditional ouzo restaurant or modern restaurant to taste the Greek bold innovation classic dishes, local is the most famous is a variety of seafood grill.

Greek wine have to mention, the local wine industry has a history of 6500 years, and spread to Italy, France and Spain, but at present, people tend to remember the French champagne ", in fact the Greek agricultural products low brand recognition rate, its price is as high.

The Greek local leading wine maker Mihalis Boutaris told this reporter said: " the Greek crisis was a result of government debt leads to national problems, which affected the Greek economy. Although I do not know Greek when will be stable, but it must be stable. The current price have been underestimated. Over the past twenty years on Greek wine investment is in the beginning of return period.

Greece drying full sunshine, the temperature difference is big, but also because the reason such as volcano, fertile soil and diversity. Greek wine quality, but the price is cheaper than French wine. The Greek economic crisis will only make local enterprise products at lower prices, more competitive.

It is reported the Greek spirits including ouzo and rosin wine are recognized as Greek products essence. Now the Greek both from Santorini island volcano soil or the Nemean fertile soil for the wine, selection of unique grape processing, highlight the quality and characteristics of wine interesting.

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