The Greek capital Athens demonstrations to protest against austerity measures

[ global network reporter Zhao Xiaoxia ] according to Russian news agency and the BBC ( BBC ) reported on November 6th, the Greek capital Athens, local time 6 days in "the 48 hour nationwide strike in place within the framework of " peaceful demonstrations, protest the government intends to take the austerity policy in exchange for the European Union and the International Monetary Fund loan.

According to reports, the Greek key opposition radical left Union and Communist unions early that day held marches and demonstrations. About 16000 protesters rallied outside in Congress, they waved flags, chanted slogans, against austerity measures.

The Greek strike led to a number of state organs to stop work, school and University School, hospital, bank and some stores closed. Athens Metro has third day outage, trams and suburban train drivers are on strike. Throughout the country to train and ferry service. Dozens of flights by airlines dispatcher strike was delayed three hours.

The Greek government is expected 7 days in parliament on the 13500000000 Euro crunch vote on the draft, as the European Union and the International Monetary Fund in exchange for a new round of salvage payment.

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