Greece travel column crew entered the Mount Danxia

   In October 1st, from the Greek travel column crew into the Mount Danxia, for the feature film " Travelling with NEW CHINA " shot.

    On the same day, in the scenic area staff accompanied crew came to Yin Yuan Stone view shooting, to see the legendary female stone in the eyes, the crew is shocked, and thumbs up praise : "this is fantastic. " Subsequently, the crew along the plank road boarded suspended in booth viewing platform, pass through a lot of beautiful scenery makes the crew could not help to stop machine, set up to capture the beautiful moments. When the crew arrived in booth viewing platform has been nearly evening, just make sunset optimal timing of the cloud in the sky, like pieces of color scales, the sun through the clouds over the mountains on the cliffs, the Mount Danxia at sunset under the irradiation of continuous wave like thrown, let the crew quickly with the machine records the rare a beautiful picture.

    A day's shoot the job to end smoothly, the crew said the Mount Danxia going to impress them, hoped that later can also have the opportunity to come to Mount Danxia of china! Reportedly, the crew shot travel series special subject piece is mainly to introduce the Chinese economic development and Chinese cultural tourism resources, through the documentary let audiences all over the world to understand China。

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